A Novel (and Early Holiday) Playlist By
November 29

A Novel (and Early Holiday) Playlist By

Hi everyone!

My story YA novel, The Santa Hoax, comes out on December 1st. The story is a teen romance and transgender coming out story, focused behind trans guy Julian as he navigates his first relationship with a girl and deals with the lingering feelings for his former best friend. The story contains many queer characters, including another trans person and a handful of bisexual and gender non-conforming teens. One of the bi characters, Hannah, comes out to Julian when he comes out to her as trans--but she has another secret. In addition to being bi, she also really wants to be a DJ. This may seem like an innocuous secret, but since her family is quite strict and religious, being a DJ feels just as blasphemous as also liking girls.

The common ground that unites Hannah and Julian ends up being music. She relates his experience as a trans person to Laura Jane Grace, the punk singer from Against Me! who came out as a woman in 2012, and to Lucas Silveria, the lead singer of the Cliks who also came out in the early 2010s. As the story progresses and the year-end holiday party comes closer, the two brainstorm an ideal playlist while they both work towards their coming out goals.

I thought it would be nice to kick off the blog tour with that exact playlist. It allows a small look into the world the teens inhabit and a nice primer on queer singers, queer songs, or just really good music. I've also thrown on a few Christmas songs for good measure. Find the playlist on 8tracks.com over here.

I hope you enjoy and it gets you in the holiday spirit as much as it did me!