5++++ Stars from Kim at Bayou Book Junkie

Wednesday October 26, 2016

5 ++++++

Kim's Review

In the first book, Open Seating, Bryce was the strong one, being there for Seth after Mark dies.  Feelings become involved and now these two are moving forward as a couple but what or who is lurking in the shadows to cause problems for them?


I fell in love with Seth, he was so vulnerable, but with Bryce by his side, nothing is impossible.  Same with Bryce, even though in this installment we see Seth take on the role of being the protector.  Even if these two have only been together for a few weeks, which some readers didn't love because of the short time between Mark's death and Seth & Bryce moving forward as a couple, it should be up to the reader to form their own opinion.  I for one applaud this author for pushing the buttons, who has a right to determine the length one must grieve before they can move on?  The chemistry between Seth & Bryce is hot, they click, they are the ying & yang to each other. 


But there outside forces, by way of an ex of Bryce's, who has his own agenda.  How many hurdles must they go through, how many fires must they put out, how many things keep getting in their way before they can relax or will the storms take over and sweep them away?