5 Stars for You Don't Know Jack
January 19

5 Stars for You Don't Know Jack

NetGalley reviewer Sabrina E. raves:  So, I've just read this for the third time... and it still was all kinds of cool and fun and heartbreaking!

It's fun–addictive really–intense and just... riveting. Favorite #undercover story/series. 

I instantly fell in love with Jack when I first picked it up when it was released in 2014, then a second time in 2015 along with If You Knew Jack. With the release of Like I Know Jack I didn't think twice about re-reading it yet again, which is a very rare thing for me to do. 

But this is Jack we are talking about! And I was dying to know how his story continues...

Jack's life is just so very different, the circumstances so unique, his upbringing absolutely unethical but fascinating. 

He's locked away at "The Center,” a shadowy organization with its own hidden agenda; it has been his home, his school, and his job. 

He's got no life of his own, doesn't have any hobbies, no friends or family. Jack isn't allowed to know anything about the outside world except what he needs to know for whatever mission he has to carry out. 

His sources are limited, even when he's not within the walls of the Center's compound. Even when he's undercover, Jack's being monitored around the clock.

He's practically an empty shell, living a life void of emotions, such as love or happiness. He slowly realizes that his life doesn't really have any personal meaning. 

But Jack doesn't know any difference after being raised like a soldier since he was three years old, he doesn't even know if he would want his life to change. It doesn't seem possible anyway. No matter what he does, who he has to pretend to be, Jack is being recorded every minute of his life.

He's never spent one single day by his own and there is always someone (his handler Sean for example) there to tell him what to do, when and for how long.

He's only sixteen.

Jack's an extremely well trained agent, exceeding in all sorts of sports, martial arts, and whatever brainy subject you can think of. He speaks many languages and could probably take out a handful of professional killers by himself.

But I loved to see that he isn't perfect. 

After the target of his previous mission had a breakdown after her father suddenly disappeared, Jack found himself caring for that person in a way he never had before. Confused and a little lost with the newfound emotions Jack messed up, sort of. He's never had friend before, or anything alike, so finding himself trapped in this unknown situation... he just didn't know what to do with it.

When his new mission rolled around, Jack tried his best to fulfill his mission and please his guardian, whom he knows next to nothing about, but had been the only constant in his life. He's definitely not a fatherly person, since he treats Jack like an adult and trains him like a soldier...

Little does Jack know that with this new mission of befriending high school track star Leo McCormack, that this would most likely turn out to be the test of a lifetime.


Shit. Honestly, this was all kinds of awesome. 

I loved the characters, they were all super likable and just real fun! 

Loved the way the whole story was set up and the mission and mysteries unfolded... 

I enjoyed to see Jack getting into track and run along side Leo. They made a great team!! 

Not to mention, I love Jack. And Leo.... 

.. but the ending! 

Wow, intense shit. I had not seen this coming. 

Broke my heart a little. 

I love plot twists and I think this was the most shocking/surprising I've ever read. 

It's not a sad ending, not really. It only made the story all the more awesome even if I got real angry for a long long while... 

I admire the author's writing style; the book's engaging, smart, easy to read and well, sucks you right in. 

Jack's voice feels so authentic; he's such a wonderful character. He's sweet and caring, tough and smart, passionate and wants to do the right thing, even though he's positive the stuff the Center is up to, and the people within its walls most likely aren't after the right thing.

Still, Jack always puts everyone and their well being first. He's absolutely amazing, really, especially considering the circumstances he grew up under. He's only sixteen and yet a true professional when it comes to being a real undercover agent. 

I love him so much!!! 

Highly recommended!!! 

I think this is super cool and worth reading. 

Especially now that there are three titles out and probably two more to come! :)

Perhaps you either love it or hate it, but isn't it like that with every story?