5 Stars for Onwaachige the Dreamer
January 16

5 Stars for Onwaachige the Dreamer

MM Good Book Reviews raves: This is such a beautiful story. I have enjoyed Joshua’s story from the beginning, and it just gets better and better. The storyline flows so smoothly; the characters are fun and lively. There are folklore, Indian stories and such a great comradery between Joshua and his friends.

We also meet some new friends both animal and human. I liked the way Christianity was handled in this story along with other religion. I think the battles between Gentle Eagle and Pastor Martin added a lot to the story as well as Caleb debunking all of Joshua’s beliefs that all Christian’s are bad. Speaking of Caleb, I hope we get to see more of him in future books, and I hope there are more adventures of Pukawiss to come!

If you like Indian stories, Indian legends, courageous teens, YA fiction all-over fabulous read, then you must read this!

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