5 Stars for Mad About the Hatter
August 19

5 Stars for Mad About the Hatter

From NetGalley reviewer Sabrina E.:

Everyone knows about Wonderland, right? 

Almost everyone must have watched or read one version or the other. When I was very little I watched the animated TV series in German, later I read the novel in Japanese and English, I watched the Disney movie in German and the latest live-action movie in English. The language, of course, has nothing to do with it, but it shows that I really adore the story–idea–of Wonderland, so when I saw someone wrote a Boy Alice version with the promise of some boy & boy sweetness I couldn’t stay away! 

This Wonderland was just as charming and intriguing. 

Dakota’s storytelling is superb; I was captivated by the voices of Henry and especially Hatter. The imagery was also simply wonderful and I found myself turning the pages, anticipating to see what’s next, who’ll be there. 

In the beginning, Henry came across a bit bitter and annoying, but once landed in Wonderland, and the realization hit, that his sister might have been telling the truth all along, Henry became more and more likable with each page. 

Hatter and Henry's first encounter, where Hatter comes to the rescue and Henry has no idea what to think of the slightly mad person trying to fly them out of a ginormous ant hill with an umbrella, was too cute and amusing for words. 

Henry learned a lot of lessons along the way, and fell for the absolutely charming Hatter (who wouldn’t? He was just that charismatic!) Their banter was fun and sweet, and I liked how their friendship slowly blossomed :) 

Oh, Hatter, that guy, he's just so sweet and goofy! 

A truly memorable character. I simply loved how wonderfully Dakota has written him.

So, let me say it one more time: I truly adored Hatter and Henry, and together they were just way too adorable! 

While there were a few bits that I didn’t feel were all that necessary or bit too drawn out, and the Red Queen was just so darn annoying, altogether, I absolutely enjoyed this story!

I loved that the whole 'being attracted to one another' was absolutely no issue at all. 

Mad About the Hatter was simply entertaining and memorable :)

It was also my first by this author, and I’d definitely pick up another in the future!

I hope you all pick up a copy!