5 Stars for If You Knew Jack
January 20

5 Stars for If You Knew Jack

NetGalley reviewer Sabrina E. writes: So, I've just read this for the second time... and it still was all kinds of cool and fun and heartbreaking!

Let me tell you something; I love this book.

I don't know what it is about Jack's story, but I absolutely love it. 

It's one of those stories that grabbed me from the first page. I enjoyed every second of it. The heartache from the ending of the first book continued, and I felt torn up and twisted inside out. All the unfairness of his life is so frustrating! 

It's not a dark, angsty read by all means– I just feel so sad for Jack. 

I truly adore Jack. 

I want him to be happy. 

Then there is Leo. Man, that guy. I couldn't help but adore him too from the beginning, but then all shit started happening, again and again and– I don't know… he got me so angry and upset all over again! *sigh*

I still adore him though. 

I want him to be happy too. 

Now, now, I really enjoyed this book, I devoured each page. I was a teeny weeny bit disappointed with the lack of sweetness this time; it was still quite touching in so many ways. I don't know; guess I just adore them boys. 

But like I said, near the end it left me all frustrated and close to tears. Again.