5 Stars for carefully everywhere descending
November 02

5 Stars for carefully everywhere descending

Adele writes in Sleepy-Bookworm:

I was hoping for a great LGBT story when I read the synopsis, and I GOT ONE.

Carefully Everywhere Descending is a short and sweet story that is featured around a young girl, Audrey. What I really like about this book in hindsight is that the story doesn’t focus its whole being to Audrey being gay. It’s just a matter of fact thing. Like, oh, Audrey is gay? Okay! And the story moves on. 

Audrey, in my opinion, is a great main character. She cares about everyone and is actually quite selfless. The world that Audrey is in, is very much like our own world. All of the characters face their own very real problems and I respect that about this story. I really appreciate that. Nothing is sugar coated, and everything is a matter of fact. 

Towards the end of the book, the story gets dramatic, but in a good way? I mean, it wasn’t good at the time, but in hindsight, it really brought everyone together. While in the beginning of the story, everyone was somewhat distant. It’s nothing like a life-scare that brings loved ones closer!

In the end, I really love Audrey’s story. I’m so happy that I’ve read this book.

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