4 Stars for carefully everywhere descending
October 07

4 Stars for carefully everywhere descending

Ije Ajibade writes in NetGalley:

This is a really enjoyable feel good story.

I don't read many f/f books. I don't read many YA books either, especially if they are set in high school, and surprisingly this book is all those but it looked interesting so I decided to give it a go.

And I really enjoyed it!

This is a lovely story about a young girl on the cusp of womanhood and her first love, growing up in a deprived neighbourhood but striving for something better. Audrey doesn't question her sexuality, the story assumes that this is accepted in school and in the community and this means that the story can explore other dimensions : the pain of unrequited love, poverty and deprivation, friendship, family, hope and aspirations and so much more.

It is a story that shows that every relationship has hurdles to overcome and that very often loving someone is not easy. It depicts all of these different issues from the perspective of a young girl who is sensible and clear about what she wants from life, but who is surprised by the depth of her feelings.

It is a very positive and encouraging story and very human too.