To Lauren by Dani Anderson

Just before winter break, Natalie’s girlfriend, Lauren, breaks up with her because Natalie can’t come out of the closet. Natalie knows she'll have to face Lauren in English class when the break is over, and she’s determined to win Lauren back, when the opportunity to participate in a school poetry reading presents itself. Maybe coming out in front of the whole school and her family will be a grand enough gesture. But for quiet Natalie, performing will take all the courage she can muster.


Scrapyard Sunsets by Nick Anthony

In detention at Immaculate Conception High School, two very different boys are thrown together in an unexpected way. Drew Vega’s pill addiction has been discovered by the faculty, and Lance Hale is there because he constantly skips out on Mass and purposely defies the school’s strict rules. When Drew is left stranded after a thunderstorm, Lance offers to drive him home but instead takes him to his favorite secret spot—a junkyard. In the setting sun’s golden light, the boys might realize they aren’t the polar opposites they assumed, and their friendship might change them both for the better. 


A Progression of Love by Hilda Friday

Pearl is determined to escape the life tradition and society has planned for her—one of marriage to a man, followed by decades of laundry, dishwashing, and children. Her cousin Quinn offers her work, and Pearl travels to the kingdom’s capital city to stay with him. There she meets a mysterious and beautiful woman named Blanche, and the two of them develop feelings that transcend friendship.

Pearl learns Quinn is not exactly as he seems, and his criminal activities and use of his shop as a front put them in danger. But if Quinn is keeping secrets, they’re nothing compared to those Blanche is hiding.


You Saw Blue by Arbour Ames

Given the chance, would you reinvent your identity? Or would you choose the certainty of what you’ve always known?

Because you possess one of the sacred names, the monastery is your world. Every day is a ritual, and every day is the same. Every day you long for something more. Then Ferth, a mysterious traveler, shows up, and you are given an option between the familiar world tied to your name and something new and foreign. For the first time in your life, you have a choice. What will you do with it?


Plenty of Fish by Chloe Smith

Sitting alone in the local aquarium, Lucy just wants to forget the miserable school trip, when Health and Safety regulations prevented her and her wheelchair from enjoying the outing like the other students. Luckily, everyone seems to know to leave her alone—until the aquarium’s newest employee, sweet and friendly Chelsea, asks if Lucy needs any help. But unlike most, Chelsea isn’t being condescending, and Lucy can’t remain defensive. In fact, she might have to reconsider her position on solitude, because a little human interaction might not be so unwelcome after all.


I am Logan by Caleb Andrews

Nonbinary teen Logan is still known to his family and friends as Jennifer, and he’s afraid to correct them. Only Logan’s online friend, Sable, knows who he really is—until a bully steals Logan’s journal and learns the secret he’s been hiding. Now Logan is forced to do schoolwork for the bully or risk having his identity revealed to people who are unlikely to understand or support him. If Logan wants to get out from under the bully’s thumb, he has only one option: come out, on his own terms. But does he dare?


Make Mad the Guilty by Sarah Caulfield

Lewis escaped a childhood of abuse when he was accepted as a female-role actor in the Elizabethan theater. There he studied under the tutelage of Ranson, another actor who became a father figure, and met his partner, Thomas, the company’s costumier. His life has been a good one despite his confusion about how to identify himself—he’s never really felt he fit as a man or a woman, if such a thing is possible. But at twenty-one, Lewis has aged out of female roles, and he has no idea if the theater will continue to employ him, what his future will hold, or if he’ll find another place to belong.


Loving You Through the Years by Xoe Juliani

When Caitlyn’s mother refuses to believe Caitlyn is gay, her best friend Denise comes up with the perfect plan: they’ll pretend to date each other to prove that Caitlyn is, in fact, a lesbian. The intention is to break up once Caitlyn’s mother is thoroughly convinced. But as high school continues, so does their pretend relationship. Even after years, neither of them sees any reason to go through with the prearranged breakup. But then neither of them planned for the unexpected consequences their charade would have on their lives.


Jordan and A.J. by Irene Grant

When a tragedy befalls teen artist Jordan, it doesn’t signal the end of his story, but rather the beginning. Jordan believes he’s been murdered and is content to try to understand and accept his existence as a spirit. Then he meets AJ, the first and only human to see him since he became a ghost. Going against the advice of elder spirits, he befriends AJ, even though there’s no way their relationship can end well. Just when he believes he might like AJ as more than a friend, a game-changing piece of information is uncovered about Jordan that could fix everything—or end it.


Equinox by Latitude Brown

Gloria has recently moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and with her new best friend, Alex, formed a post-punk band. They decide that Jane, a cellist at their school, would be a great addition, and they invite her to join. In the meantime, Gloria meets and befriends Cora, a nonbinary person. Soon Gloria is caught between two people she’s interested in—homophobic lesbian and all-around hot mess Jane, who insists she isn’t gay, and Cora—and she has no idea how to make the right choice.


Let No Sin Rule Over Me by Julia Dupuis

Seventeen-year-old Simon lives in Texas with his religious and abusive Nan and attends a Catholic school. When he meets Jack, an easygoing public schooler and baseball player, he’s introduced to a world beyond his Nan’s harsh discipline—where it’s normal to read Harry Potter and eat ice cream without feeling guilty. 

As they become friends, Simon struggles to reconcile his blossoming feelings for Jack with his upbringing. Simon mocks Jack’s sexuality, and his internalized homophobia threatens to end their friendship. If he wants to keep what he has with Jack, he’ll have to cast aside everything he’s been taught about sin.


Melodimensional by Anika Olivo

Sang is a vagabond, a wanderer across many strange and different dimensions, rooted in one but at home in none of them. Asra, a girl Sang’s age, exists in a world of danger, with unbreathable air and seemingly sentient moons. While Sang traverses many bizarre and unsettling realities, learning what she can from each, it’s to Asra’s side that she always returns.


Ten Words by Frisk Gillespie

Twin brothers Oliver and Noah thought their lives couldn’t get any more complicated after their father fell in love with another man and left their family to be with him. But in the wake of this departure comes Oliver's budding feelings for his classmate Jimmy, and both brothers struggle to separate Oliver’s sexuality from the pain of their father leaving. With the help of family and friends, Noah and Oliver must reexamine everything they thought they understood about each other and the people around them, so they can both find happiness and learn how to be a family again.