Hummingbird Heart—Angelicque Bautista


Jordan is a seventeen-year-old girl keeping a heavy secret. When her friends convince her to attend a party, she decides the time is right to be honest with her crush, Monty. In a private room away from the drunken partygoers, Jordan opens up to Monty and waits to see how he’ll react to what she shares.



I Wouldn’t Let You Down—Alice Blank


High school prom is difficult enough, but it's even worse when the whole world thinks you ought to wear a suit to it instead of the dress you want. As Michelle struggles with coming to grips with her gender identity, she frets about what her close friends might think when and if she decides to make the truth known. All the while, the approaching dance looms in her mind, exaggerating her anxieties and pushing her to act quickly.



My Friend, My Sister—Erica Engelin


Katie and Vanessa have been inseparable friends since childhood, and they plan to stay that way forever. Vanessa has had a fierce crush on Katie since their freshman year and when she finds out that Katie is leaving for a long visit to Spain, she impulsively acts on it. The resulting rejection causes her to panic and cut contact, too scared to face the consequences of her actions. But for Katie, their friendship is too valuable to throw away, and she plans to try to salvage it.



Home Before the Moon Turns—Melissa Dollison


Belle is a young thread mage whose skills with bookbinding have earned her a job in a library. But she’s about to lose her freedom to an arranged marriage with a young man she hardly knows. She escapes to travel with her friend Scarlett, a mysterious girl living in the woods beyond the village. Scarlett is hiding a deadly secret, though, and Belle will have to test the limits of her magic to ensure this won’t be their last adventure together.



Boarding Discovery—Shaye Evans


Seventeen-year-old Alex is bi-curious, has trouble making friends, and is nervous about attending boarding school until he learns he’s staying with his childhood best friend, Justin. With Justin’s support, Alex makes important discoveries about himself. Feelings beyond friendship sizzle between them, but before Alex can act, he must find the courage to admit who he is, what he wants, and what Justin is starting to mean to him.



The Love Song of Amalia Savage—Danielle Eyer


As a fourth grader, Amalia is bubbly, charming, and unrelenting in her questions—until, several years later, the other kids turn on her after rumors of an “all girl” camp emerge. Now, isolated from her social circle, she has only one friend left. Two outcasts, bound by exclusion, grow in friendship and gradually form a deeper connection as they stand together against the world.



Love In the Time of Figure Skating—Jordan Gillespie


While practicing with her team at the 2014 Olympic Winter games, Norwegian figure skater Anette is annoyed by cocky German snowboarder Johanna. Johanna thinks figure skating is easy, but Anette knows a friendly competition will teach Johanna how challenging the sport really is. What she doesn’t count on is how Johanna will react to the outcome of the contest, or where the results might lead them.



Ceilings—Juli Philippo


Arthur knows how human relationships are supposed to work, and he knows what boys his age are told they’re supposed to want. They’re supposed to want to have sex. Fitting in shouldn't be too hard, right? Except it is, because Arthur doesn’t want to have sex. But what others think isn’t the problem. Trying to fit the mold he made for himself, he fights his feelings and the voice in the back of his mind and becomes his own worst enemy.



The Three Poly Teens—Zig


Emily is a lonely but privileged agender teen who lives alone in a big house except for some dogs and a housekeeper. Caleb is a transgender boy with a family that doesn’t support him. Will is a pansexual cis boy with an abusive father and not much else. When the three teens meet online, they find some respite from an indifferent world, but discovering what they really mean to each other will be a struggle.



Black Rose—Hannah Irene


Fifteen-year-old orphan Bee sings with the traveling entertainment troupe Black Rose. She’s developing feelings for her friend and accompanist, Whiplash, and is delighted to learn they’re mutual. But then Morrow joins the troupe, turning Bee’s world upside down as she realizes she’s attracted to another girl. Feeling lost and alone in ways she hasn’t experienced since joining Black Rose, Bee must deal with her abusive past, struggle to understand her feelings toward Morrow, and find a way to repair her friendship with Whiplash.



The Pirate and the Princess—CJ


After years looting and escaping the royal navy, pirate Captain Josephine is ready to retire. However, with a bounty on her head, her only chance at a peaceful life is a royal pardon. The king and queen of a wealthy coastal kingdom are offering a “grand reward” to whoever can bring them the most black sand, a very rare substance. Captain Josephine sets sail on a dangerous adventure to obtain the sand, only to find out that the “reward” is neither gold nor a pardon, but the princess’s hand in marriage. Josephine must decide what's more important to her: riches or making sure the princess has a choice in her own future.



Leucippa—Sheila McIntosh


Trans girl Leucippa keeps to herself, except for her crush on Daphne Rivera, the leader of a group of queer feminists who cause trouble around the neighborhood. Leucippa is used to watching Daphne and her group of defiant misfits from a distance, and though she isn’t out to them, her life is about to change when she’s accepted into their inner circle.



Just A Little Bit Late—Gabriella Reeb


Amy is torn between fear of her parents’ disapproval and pressure from her queer friends to come out. She’s the only one in their group who hasn’t yet left the closet, and on top of that, she’s nervous about asking her crush to the prom. The object of Amy’s affections seems to return her feelings, but Amy fears her hesitation about coming out has ruined their chances together.



Chance Encounters—S. A. Star


Most closeted teens head to Pride for the floats and festivities, not to protest. Unfortunately, Teddy Augustus isn't like most teens. He hails from the Augustus empire of conservative Christian TV—an empire spearheaded by his father, Reverend Robert Augustus. When he crosses paths with Steven, the event coordinator whose knowing gaze turns his knees to jelly, he’s forced to come to terms with his budding feelings of attraction.



Stardust—Sara Stark


Honor student Isaac needs his world to make sense, so when his relationship with Hunter starts to feel confusing and out of control, he suggests they avoid each other. Everything is fine until Hunter throws a wild party next door for the fourth night in a row. Isaac goes to tell him to shut it down, only to find Hunter has lured him there in a last attempt to show him how well they fit together despite their many differences.



This Photograph—Laura Swogger


Jason enters his high school's talent show with the hopes of winning some college money, but instead catches the attention of a freshman girl with a very jealous boyfriend. Determined to get the closeted bisexual Jason back, the boy takes a picture of Jason kissing his boyfriend, Sean, and sends it to his parents, which wouldn't be a problem if Jason had actually told his family, like he promised Sean he would a million times. Suddenly everything Jason knew about his life and the people in it gets flipped upside down.



Three Stages of Agony—Imani J. Walton


Halina is smitten with Maeva. As the days goes by, Halina’s infatuation only grows and makes her more and more awkward. The average teenager would simply tell the person, but Halina refuses to embarrass herself. Maeva is too amazing to have the slightest interest in her, and Halina knows this. So why can't she get over Maeva? Maeva’s mixed signals aren’t helping either, but after a good pep talk from her friends, Halina decides to send the riskiest text of her life.