Cigar, Parasol, Star by Laura Beaird Finding acceptance as a gay teen in a red state like Texas isn’t easy, and Chris’s only support is his Aunt Marge. An amateur fortune-teller, she reads Chris’s tea leaves and makes her predictions, but life after graduation still seems uncertain to Chris. At a bus shelter, Chris bumps into a forgotten school friend in desperate need of guidance and takes a chance on a future he won’t have to face alone. Counting Stars by L.A. Buchanan Amy Sullivan is one of the best students at Birchway School for Girls, while Leanne Terry has a wild side. When Leanne comes to Amy for tutoring, with the offer of friendship—and maybe more—Amy can't help but feel intrigued. She doesn't have many friends, and they seem to get along—if only Amy can banish her fear of being used. The King of Dorkdom by Avery Burrow Being a transgender video game geek isn’t easy, and Wallace MacIntyre knows it. When Rhea, his online crush, comes to stay in his town, Wallace should be thrilled to meet her for the first time. The only problem is, she knows him as darkwallace, the highest ranked player on Legend Quest—and a guy—while his town and its bullies only see Molly, the lesbian dork. Happy Endings Take Work by Morgan Cair Dani, a seventeen-year-old biracial and sexually confused Londoner knows there are no guarantees in life. While house-sitting at a country cottage, she has a falling out with her first real girlfriend, Jessi. Though they’ve been dating for over a year, Dani is struggling to understand how she, and their relationship, fit in with Jessi’s transition. It’s up to her (with a little help from Rohan, the Great Dane) to open up, so they can start to move forward, together. Tess by Becca Ehlers Living in a conservative small town in Michigan gives Sam no choice but to keep her sexuality a secret. Her girlfriend Tess, on the other hand, a newcomer from a liberal community, came out as a lesbian before she moved to Sam’s town, and Tess resents being dragged back into the closet. Before she leaves for college, Sam must decide if being with Tess is worth the risk of showing the world who she really is. Our First Anniversary by Trisha Harrington Boyfriends Jamie Walker and Luke Pierce plan to celebrate their first anniversary by losing their virginity to each other. Jamie never had much before meeting Luke helped turn his life around, so even though he has doubts about their decision, he keeps them to himself so he won’t let Luke down. Little does Jamie know, he isn’t the only one who’s nervous about the step they plan to take. The Dragon Princess by Eleanor Hawtin Princess Abha has spent most of her life imprisoned in a castle guarded by a dragon. When she is finally freed by the mercenary adventurer Mizuki and her twin brother Haruto, Abha wants nothing but vengeance on the man responsible. The twins agree to help her, but first Abha must retrieve the magical inheritance her mother left her—and deal with the romantic tension growing between her and Mizuki. An IRL Love Life by Rebecca Long Isaac Livingston is utterly consumed with actor Jamie Lane and spends most of his time watching movies, printing out pictures, and writing gay fan fiction about him. He discovers he isn't alone when he meets Henry Banks on a fandom website and the two become friends through online messaging. But with Isaac’s obsession reaching unhealthy levels, it might take therapy for him to see he can have a relationship with a flesh and blood man. On Their Own Terms by D. William Pfifer Abandoned by their creators, a group of robots have formed a society of their own. Among them are Thirty-Seven, an advanced prototype who leads their scrapyard community and Twenty-Three, an energetic bot designed for childcare. As the robots struggle to carve out a place for themselves in a harsh environment, many of them develop emotions their designers never intended—and that they’re not equipped to cope with. With the help of friends, Thirty-Seven and Twenty-Three work to understand the feelings growing between them. Glitterhead by Benjamin Shepherd Quiñones Closet-case Jack Borkowski knows he can’t be the only gay teen in his high school, but it sure feels like it. When granted a wish, he chooses the ability to differentiate between gays and straights, so he can find his prince charming without being the first one at his school to come out. Confident in his newly found gaydar, Jack risks the exposure of his secret to pursue a popular student, unaware that his “wish” might be a scam. City Lights Will Carry You Home by Amanda Reed In the year 2783, most of humanity lives in domed cities, but Elias Timothy Johnson’s conservative family lives in an outlying Community—and they don’t like the person their son is becoming. Elias makes a pilgrimage to the City in the hope of finding acceptance. He is guided by handsome Jeremiah Asbury, a young man who came to the City to escape a similar situation. After three days, Elias must choose between a chance at independence and familial obligations. The Gift of Flame by Scotia Roth Every night, Gerda dreams of a lonely girl with a shard of glass through her heart. Through her mother’s tales of the Snow Queen, who helped a troll with a cursed mirror in exchange for the power to bring one of her snow sculptures to life, Gerda’s missing memories begin to resurface. She sets off to find the queen, melt the ice that lodged in her heart when the evil mirror broke, and put an end to the endless winter. Waiting by Annie Schoonover Because of the tension in her family, Amy Suzuki is afraid to leave the comfort of childhood behind and spread her wings. She’s sure something significant is about to happen as she navigates her last few months of high school, learns to surf, and thinks about her relationship with her girlfriend, Tyler. Sitting on the beach and listening to the ocean, Amy tries to understand who she’s becoming and the meaning of love. Quiet Love by Gil Segev Some people have trouble speaking in front of crowds, but Josh can't even speak to the person he’s closest to. Kevin wants his friend to tell him how he feels, but he doesn't know how to overcome an obstacle he can't see. Together, they form a picture of depression and love, a tortured soul and a soul with the power to heal. Three little words might be the key to unlocking their hearts. Paranormal Honor Society by Leigh Taylor Fitting in at a new school might be the least of genderfluid Andi Washington’s worries. When a beloved teacher is brutally murdered, it’s up to Andi and the Paranormal Honor Society to find out who—or what—is responsible. But with every lead going nowhere, the gang is increasingly desperate to catch the culprit--which could destroy the society from the inside out.