Where There's a Will Deanes
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Where There's a Will Deanes

As the story of Micah Johnson and his friends reaches its end, a new romance is about to begin….

Will Deanes’s relationship with Micah Johnson has run the gamut from enemies to friends, always with the possibility of more just beneath the surface—a possibility everyone but Micah can sense. But since a terrible injury ended Will’s football career while Micah’s star is still rising, all Will can do is try to get over Micah and get on with his life.

Which is easier said than done now that Micah’s back in Melbourne to stay, and everything they’ve never put a name to hangs between them. Rekindling a friendship means facing challenges together and getting to know each other again—and it might finally mean admitting that the feelings between them go far beyond friendly.

Cover Artist: Catt Ford