The Touchstone
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The Touchstone

The bond between Sam and Harry goes far beyond friendship. After all, Harry saved Sam’s life when he was ten years old—when Harry manifested the gift of flight. Since then, Sam’s devoted his life to protecting Harry from the shadowy government forces watching him.

Eventually, keeping Harry safe means running away from home and striking out on their own.

They meet Jonah Clayton, a man who is training a group of teens with supernatural powers. He claims he can help Harry, but as an ordinary kid with no special abilities, Sam is pushed to the sidelines. They discover Jonah is a man with secrets, as well as powerful enemies, and as those threats close in, they’ll all come to realize Harry needs Sam in ways no one could ever have predicted.

Cover Artist: Blake Dorner
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The Touchstone

The Touchstone


The Touchstone

The Touchstone


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