The Midnight Gardener & The Well of Tears
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The Midnight Gardener & The Well of Tears

A magical journey will change Thaddeus Cane’s life forever, and it all starts in the town of Superstition. Thaddeus and his father have moved around a lot, and each time Thaddeus leaves behind any friends he’s made. But there’s something different about Superstition, and it starts with Thaddeus’s new neighbor, a cute young man who cares for an immaculate garden—in the dead of night. Teofil Rhododendron is more than handsome and friendly—he’s a garden gnome. His relationship with Thaddeus leads to revelations Thaddeus never imagined in The Midnight Gardener. Secrets continue to pile up when Thaddeus learns his parents are a powerful witch and wizard in The Well of Tears. With Teofil beside him, Thaddeus begins a new quest to find the mother who disappeared when he was very young—and hopefully break the curse that keeps his family apart. Along the way, they face mystical beings who range from kind to lethal, and before the adventure ends, Thaddeus must choose between fulfilling his mission and saving his father’s life.

Cover Artist: Anna Sikorska