The Final Season
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The Final Season

Fay is Winter now. The distinction between a bodiless god and a sometimes-possessed kid is gone, leaving only a boy with the power of a Season. And if Fay thought life was about to get even harder… he was right.

The Seasons’ return plunges Gaia—the magical world that acts as a mirror to Earth—into chaos. Some see the return of the Seasons as a threat to their power and way of life. Others view the imminent struggle as an opportunity to enact real change. Gaia’s enemies, meanwhile, see Fay and the other Seasons as a threat they’ll do anything to eradicate, even as the Seasons push to destroy them first.

In The Final Season, Fay, Sam, Tyler, and the rest return to a world thrown into anarchy and try to find their way out of the madness unscathed. Fay finally has the power he’s dreamed of without the danger that once haunted him, but now he must decide if it’s worth the cost. 

Cover Artist: Sadie Thompson; Cover Design by Paul Richmond