The Body
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The Body

What happens when the lines between spirit and flesh begin to blur? In the Adirondack town of Lake Henry, NY, altar boy Jonah Gregory, fifteen, dreams of becoming a priest. Aside from being a spiritual comfort to his fellow man, Jonah pursues his vocation because he knows his special devotion to the Lord is mutual since he believes Christ is gay too. When his older sister, Angie, introduces him to Rusty Naylor, the handsome, closeted son of a romance novelist and a dead ringer for the Messiah, Jonah is thrust into a physical-spiritual love triangle. Jonah knows he must choose between them and the path each one represents, but he can’t look at one without seeing the other, and neither seems willing to give him up. Jonah is guided on his quest by Rusty’s famous mother, Jace Naylor, his ill-tempered pastor from Brooklyn, his frustrated parents, and the two men who have captured his heart: Rusty and the Lord.