Run for It All
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Run for It All

When fifteen-year-old David Martin is forced to go live with his dad and his dad’s partner in Connecticut, he dreads leaving his comfortable New York City life with his two moms, especially because his dad hasn’t exactly been there for him over the years. But with both of his moms off on a year-long job in Europe, he’s got no choice. Another thing he doesn’t have a choice about? His growing attraction to other boys. To help him deal with it all, David takes up running, first with his dad’s partner, and then with his new crush and captain of the track team, the openly gay Kevin Ringer. After David and Kevin are attacked in the locker room following a meet, David must come to terms with his own insecurities as he navigates the ups and downs of first love, gets to know his dad in a whole new light, and tries to create a life for himself far from the world he once knew.

Cover Artist: Alexandria Corza