Obscura Burning
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Obscura Burning

The world's going to end in fire… and it's all Kyle’s fault. It starts with a bad decision. The night Kyle cheats on his boyfriend Danny with their female friend Shira, a blaze leaves his best friends dead and Kyle disfigured for life. The fire coincides with the appearance of Obscura—a mysterious and unknown new planet. Now Kyle is trapped between two different realities. Each morning, he never knows if he’ll open his eyes to a world where Danny is alive and Shira is dead… or an alternate reality where Danny is gone and Kyle enjoys a more-than-just-friends relationship with Shira. Bouncing back and forth is taking a toll not only on Kyle, but on the world that might perish along with him. Amid the collapse of his parents' marriage and with realities shifting every time he closes his eyes, Kyle must discover how these events relate to Obscura… and he’s the only one who can prevent everything from going down in flames.


Cover Artist: Terry Cronje of Cronje Design Co.