New Hoofprints in the Snow
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New Hoofprints in the Snow

Sometimes the toughest trails lead to the richest rewards….

Maia’s family has had it hard since her brother, Ramon, had an accident that left him confined to a wheelchair and her parents lost their jobs. Now the money to care for Maia’s beloved horse, Selena, must be used to help their already strained financial situation, and Selena is surrendered to a rescue center.

Emma’s mother runs the rescue center, and Emma takes pity on the heartbroken Maia, offering to let her volunteer on the ranch so she can spend time with Selena and the other horses. The girls develop a close relationship and even devise a plan to help Ramon acclimate to his injury using the horses as a means of physical therapy. 

As wonderful as the friendship is, Emma really likes Maia and wants to take the next step. But even if Maia shares the attraction, dating Emma goes against family expectations and everything she’s been raised to believe. Hurt feelings and confusion drive a wedge between the girls. As Maia chooses between her family and her heart, they stand at a fork in the road and will have to decide whether they continue their journey together.

Cover Artist: Bree Archer