Mick & Michelle
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Mick & Michelle

Life is good for fifteen-year-old Mick Mullins—at least on the surface. He’s the perfect son to his supportive parents and plans to follow in their footsteps and become a police officer. He has plenty of friends in the neighborhood and even gets along with his sister. But buried beneath the golden boy is a girl named Michelle, and she desperately wants to step into the light. Mick knows revealing she is really Michelle might ruin some of the most important relationships in her life, but she must take that chance, and she can’t wait much longer. Her body is developing into a man’s, and she can’t bear to let that happen—even though she worries about the repercussions of her decision.

But every choice comes with risks as well as rewards. Mick is Grandpa’s favorite—and the only male grandchild. Will her ailing Grandpa be able to handle learning about Michelle? Michelle is forced to make an impossible choice: her beloved Grandpa’s life or the one she knows she must live.

Cover Artist: Jennifer Vance