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High school is hard enough for normal kids. Try being a werewolf too.

Jonah has all the worries every other high school junior has—tests, parties, girlfriends, parents. The last thing he needs is the pressure of being the pack’s next head alpha wolf, the leader of a group of teenage shifters. Jonah keeps it together, barely, until one day someone moves into the guest house on his family’s property. Jonah starts to feel things for the new boy. Things he shouldn’t feel. Things he can’t let himself feel.

Nobody likes to be the new kid. Especially not in an old, established werewolf pack.

Max is glad to be somewhere new. He is. He and his mom had to get away from his abusive dad before his dad killed one of them. But it was scary to move to a new school, with a new pack and new rules. At least until he met Jonah. Max knew right away they were meant to be together. It felt like fate. His mom sees it, the other wolves see it. Seems like the only one Max has to convince that they were born to be mates is Jonah.