Kyle the Witch Coloring Page

By Paul Richmond

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Download a free Cheesecake Boy coloring page and desktop wallpaper of Kyle the Witch! Coloring page is suitable for printing or digital coloring in your favorite app.

Kyle the Cheesecake Boy knew he was a witch ever since he first saw Sabrina the Teenage Witch on TV. Now all grown up he loves to introduce himself to new people by saying, "Hey!" Then he teleports himself directly behind them, taps them on the shoulder, and says, "I'm Kyle. You're gonna wanna be my friend. It's in your best interest." His favorite spell is a glamor spell that allows him to change his physical appearance in front of someone as they watch. But really, Kyle couldn't look any more awesome than he already does! *twinkle-twinkle*

Single 8.5x11 printable PDF for your coloring enjoyment.

Additional Kyle the Witch goodies:

Giclee prints of Kyle the Witch digital art by Wild Roan Studios

Kyle the Witch illustration by Paul Richmond T-shirt

Kyle the Witch illustration by Paul Richmond Underwear

Artwork created in collaboration between Wild Roan Studios and Paul Richmond. Model: Kyle Trudeau

Cover Artist: L.C. Chase and Paul Richmond

Genres Free Fiction / Holiday Romance / Romantic Comedy