Head Above Water
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Head Above Water

Sequel to Weathering the Storm

Six months after moving to Thornwood, Robbie’s life is slowly getting better. With Dan in jail, he should feel safe from the abuse he suffered before, but that does little to calm his nightmares. Fortunately Sam, his boyfriend, is always there to help him through the worst of them, and he finds peace while out riding his horse. But things are far from perfect. His little brother is hurting, his older brother is angry all the time, and the family he loves is breaking apart in front of him. Sam only wants to see Robbie happy. He loves his boyfriend and will do anything for him, including standing up to Robbie’s older brother. His favorite times are when they’re out riding together and leaving the rest of the world behind, but those perfect moments can’t last forever, especially when tragedy comes to the ranch.

Cover Artist: Caitlin Ricci