Harmonious Hearts 2016 - Stories from the Young Author Challenge
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Harmonious Hearts 2016 - Stories from the Young Author Challenge

For the third year in a row, join Harmony Ink Press as we celebrate outstanding short stories from up-and-coming young authors of LGBTQ+ fiction. We are pleased and honored to once again offer a selection of works from the best and brightest authors between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one.

Explore fiction in all genres—from contemporary realism to experimental fantasy—featuring characters in every color of the rainbow. The unique voices within these pages represent the future, and they bring distinct perspectives on love, loss, and growing up in a changing world. Whether they stem from firsthand experience or pure imagination, these are tales that praise diversity and call for unity, understanding, and compassion. Because while the road to adulthood can be full of obstacles and even unhappiness, there’s also much beauty to be found on the journey.

Dani AndersonTo Lauren

Nick AnthonyScrapyard Sunsets

Hilda FridayA Progression of Love

Arbour AmesYou Saw Blue

Chloe SmithPlenty of Fish

Caleb AndrewsI Am Logan

Sarah CaulfieldMake Mad the Guilty

Xoe JulianiLoving You Through the Years

Irene GrantJordan and A.J.

Latitude BrownEquinox

Julia DupuisLet No Sin Rule Over Me

Anika OlivoMelodimensional

Frisk GillespieTen Words

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