For a Price
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For a Price

Trey Taft is only seventeen, but he’s already seen his better years. His father left his mother for a younger woman, and when he pays no alimony or child support, Trey and his family are forced to move from upscale Coconut Grove to the rough surrounds of Miami’s Little Havana. It’s a drastically different and possibly dangerous world, but Trey will try to make the best of this bad situation—and that means no one can find out he’s gay. It’s only Trey’s first day in his new territory, and he’s saved from a hit and run by local bad boy Bobby Cruz. An out-and-proud sexually active high school senior, Bobby is dissatisfied with one-night stands, and when he meets preppie Trey, Bobby decides to take a chance on something new. They’re cautiously optimistic, but relationships are tricky and could mean more effort than either wants to make.