First Girl
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First Girl

In the battle for liberty, love, and truth, will Gabi’s frail body prove her greatest weakness—or her ultimate strength?

Humankind’s disregard for nature has finally caught up with it, and the United States is no more. In its place, an authoritarian Christian organization called Unitas rules with an iron fist—while perpetuating the illusion of a faith-based democracy. At the head of the council, and high in his daughter Gabi’s esteem, is Sam Lowell. But when Gabi learns of the unscrupulous plots justified by religion, her worldview shatters as she throws in with a group of misfits and malcontents to expose the truth.

But before they can change their ravaged world, they need to survive it.

On their quest Gabi learns her part in Unitas’s plans—including the crimes committed against her and the power she’s inherited—and just how far Unitas will go to hold on to the power it has stolen.

Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson