Carnival - Chattanooga
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Carnival - Chattanooga

In a world of lights, music, fanfare, and fun, there’s not a lot left to the mundane, and nothing can be truer for four special boys whose lives intertwine in a most unusual, unexpected way. They all have secrets and supernatural powers that set them apart from the average small town high schooler. Jesse and Donny want to be together and be out, but Donny is scared Jesse's dad and their unconventional carnival family will kick him to the curb. Jesse is worried about his dying father, and he really doesn't want to worry about hiding his love for Donny too. Chad can help with the former, but not without a cost. Anything he does comes back to him in a major way. He has to convince himself everything will be okay and he's doing the right thing. Dax just wants to go home so the bullying will end, but he also wants somewhere to fit in. It will take a lot of effort, but he might find his place with the carnival.