carefully everywhere descending
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carefully everywhere descending

Because she comes from a poor family, Audrey Anderson has always put her studies first in order to get into a good college. She doesn’t have time for romance and certainly not for smug Scarlett West. Their dislike for each other is mutual, but weirdly, Scarlett’s been spending more and more time with Audrey, pushing her buttons and being a nuisance. An attractive nuisance. When Scarlett first approaches Audrey to help her study, Audrey initially wants to say no—she hasn't forgotten the last time Scarlett insulted her pride by offering to pay Audrey to do her homework. But persuaded by her softhearted best friend to give Scarlett another chance, Audrey reluctantly agrees. The problem is, the more time they spend together, the more the sparks fly, and the more she's drawn to Scarlett. Meanwhile, her mysterious new neighbor starts behaving strangely, and Audrey, unable to leave a question unanswered, keeps trying to figure him out. And that might be the biggest mistake of her life.