Ball Caps and Khakis
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Ball Caps and Khakis

There are those who don’t believe Jim Frankel has the right to a life or friends in Ludington, Michigan. Luckily for Jim, he has Man-Shik “Manny” Park in his corner, and Manny has no intention of letting Jim be coerced or driven off. He’s willing to fight for Jim even when Jim can’t—or won’t—fight for himself. But that’s not all Manny’s dealing with. As the grandson of traditional Korean immigrants, he must keep his wish to become an artist secret, along with his preference for men and his asexuality. Jim is Manny’s only confidant, just as Manny is Jim’s. Of course, Manny stands up yet again when Jim is accused of sending explicit messages to middle school girls, including Manny’s sister. He seems to be the only one who believes Jim is being set up, and his insistence leads to trouble. Intimidating messages escalate until Jim is endangered. No matter what it costs him, Manny won’t rest until he discovers who is trying to ruin Jim’s life and puts a stop to it.