John Goode

John Goode

Hi. I'm John. Um...I like getting caught in the rain, I am not into health food and I have been on a plane. I write, but you know that or you wouldn't be here (stupidstupidstupid, get it together John) Anyways, I have three cats, but not like a cat lady cause I guy. I mean that, the cat lady part not the guy part. I mean I do mean the guy thing and can prove it...sigh. I like turtles.

A personal story?

You are exactly where you need to be.

The universe, the cold, clockwise mechanism it is has determined that you need to be where you are right now. I know it may seem that you are nowhere near where you need to be but I assure you, you're wrong. There was a long series of events that led up to you being here and that is what needed to happen.

You are not here because you made a mistake, didn't take a chance or just messed up. You are not a failure, you are not a loser and you are not lost. Life went through a lot of trouble to get you where you are and it has a very good reason to do so. Think about the things that occurred that brought you to right here. That car had to cut you off to make you brake so you miss that light so you sit there for a minute so you can get to work a little late so you can rush in and clock in as soon as possible.

You could not cause those events to occur on command if you wanted to.

You see the world is a strange place and it is always moving and it has it's own purpose of what you need right now. At times you can feel like you are nowhere, that the race has gone on without you and you can just give up mentally because what is the point?

Even if you give up, life will continue to believe in you.

It will still push and pull and move you when it needs to get you where you need to be. You can fight it as much as you want but I assure you, life has no shame when it comes to making sure you're where you need to be and the more you fight the more it will push. In the end you will be that screaming kid in the middle of Wal-mart while their parents push them along, no matter how much a scene they make. In the end the chores are done and the child went along anyways, so what did it actually prove?

I have proof you are where you need to be if you will allow me to explain.

I had to date a bunch of complete assholes so that I could give up on dating so I could be perused by this guy who assured me he was different so I could slowly be broken down and eventually go out with him so he could cheat on me so I could realize that I was just Charlie Brown to love's Lucy racing at a football I was never going to kick so I could take that time and effort into focusing on my writing so I could realize that my words might help people so I could get published so you could read those words so you could feel something by what I wrote so I can know you are in pain.

Think about that for a moment, how many different things had to happen exactly right for you to be there and for me to be here.

I wanted to write as long as I could remember and now I am, and I look back at the tragic series of events that lead to me to be here and I'm happy about that. Sure there were bad parts, there always are because without pain we would never treasure pleasure. I am exactly where I need to be and I know this because this is exactly what I needed to say.

And maybe it was exactly what you needed to hear.

I don't know, I gave up a long time ago trying to predict what life wants of me. Every time I think I know what it wants it shows me I don't know a thing. So I do what I need to do and trust it will get me where I need to be. In the end, I'll get there, in that I have complete faith.

I have faith in life, I have faith in my choices and I have faith in you.

Even when you don't.