Carolyn LeVine Topol

Carolyn LeVine Topol, writing LGBT romance novels since 2009 with the overriding philosophy, Every person deserves a happy ending. Finding your happy ending at Born in Brooklyn, Carolyn LeVine Topol grew up just outside New York City. Three passions dominated her life; reading, writing, and theater. Having always dreamed of writing her own version of The Great American Novel, it took her many years to discover her most heartfelt stories took their form in the creation of LGBT romances. Sharing her writing with a small circle of friends, Carolyn received advice, encouragement and joy from their feedback. While leading a busy life teaching pre-adolescents, Carolyn relishes the quiet wee hours of the morning. After a daily early morning run which gets her creative juices flowing, Carolyn loses herself in writing of the loves, passions, and adventures driving her characters. With the backing of a supportive husband and her young adult children, Carolyn continues to explore the fabulous world of LGBT romance with the philosophy, “Every person deserves a happy ending.”